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Ball Accelerator not working


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  • Ball Accelerator not working

    Having a problem with ball accelerator. It will not start when you turn the machines on. I have replaced both relays but still have nothing. If I plug motor into an extension cord, the motor runs fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    It sounds like there is no power to the relay box for the relays to switch. You need a meter.


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      The power for your front relays starts in the back. check and see if they work. sometimes the connector on accelerator box gets loose.
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        The motor won't start with either machine of the pair on? A couple of things to check. First one, are the cannon plugs that supply the 24V for the relays connected to the electrical box? I have disconnected one or both of those before when doing certain maintenance on machines and have forgotten to connect 'em when I finish. The other is to make sure that you're getting voltage to the accelerator motor through the drop cord from the ceiling. That power is usually on a separate circuit from the pinsetters and there should be circuit breakers for the accelerators in one of the distribution panels in the service aisle. As stated above, use a meter to do some of the troubleshooting.
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          It ended up being a bad breaker on the wall. It was weird because it's the same breaker for the machine and ball accelerator, and the machines were working fine. Thanks for the help.


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