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Double Up "Winner Every Time" By Smart ind.


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  • Double Up "Winner Every Time" By Smart ind.

    hey guys,
    I don't know how to get this Claw tighter there is a single dial on the main board which Tightens both claws i have at the highest tightness but its still not working the stuffy side is great but the Candy side will not pick up candy for nothing! i seen kids play for like 20 mins before they get a single Candy. any ideas would be Great.
    Tony S
    Splitsville Entertainment
    82-70 Machines
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    First, lube the claw assembly. Sticky claw links can cause a poor grip.
    Second, check the voltage at the claw. Sounds like it could be a poor connection.
    Lastly, the adjuster pot could be bad. Digikey sells replacements if your handy with a solder iron.

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      Hey Tony,

      1. Try checking the voltage at the claw - should be roughly between 30-50VDC if i remember correctly.
      2. There should be more than one dial - usually inside the coin door there is adjustment for strength. Failing that there should be that adjustment dial and also a programmable setting. Most of the "Winner Every Time" machines i have worked on have both dials and programmable adjustments - of which both must be done.
      Are you sure the dial controls both claws? usually these dials only correspond to one of the claws- not both.

      If you could attach attach a picture of the game so im 100% sure which machine this is (As there are many different "Winner Every Time" machines) id be more than happy to give you more help if required.



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