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Coil cleaners, the best?


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  • Coil cleaners, the best?

    I was wondering what you guys, that clean the coils in your kitchen/bar equipment, use to clean the coils with? Do you use a "no rinse" cleaner or some other chemical? Mine all have typical "dusty" dirt that I was able to get some of with just hot water in a spray bottle. Our upright frezer in the kitchen has "greasy" dirt that i had to use a straight degreaser then spray with water to get a little clean. Do you use the same cleaners on your air handler coils as well? thanks for your input guys.

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    Re: Coil cleaners, the best?

    Hi shamefowjze, I use Blast-A-Coil to clean the tougher dirt and grime, ie. anything around deep fryers where grease gets in the coils. Grainger has it but it's expensive. $9 a can. One can is good for 2 or 3 coils.


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      Re: Coil cleaners, the best?

      I use Blast-A-Coil also. Seems to do a pretty good job.



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        Re: Coil cleaners, the best?

        Hi pressure nitrogen works well also if you want to stay away from chemicals. But Blast-A-Coil is best. Gets things nice and clean and you don't have dust flying around when everything is said and done... [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img]
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          Re: Coil cleaners, the best?

          I forgot to mention the stuff smells pretty too, if you're not the one using it! It's kind of like Simple Green, smells good in really small dosages. If your dirt is dry, a shortened paint brush will rake the dust off no chemicals needed. But it would be a good idea to clean them with a coil cleaner every second or third time. Good luck.


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            Re: Coil cleaners, the best?

            On greasy Kitchen coils. Use Grease Lightning and the Hottest water you can find. That snack bar grease is tough stuff to get off coils.
            As far as AC coils , Use a non acid Coil cleaner (Heavy Foaming)and rinse with a hose. I dont recommend No rinse coil cleaner.
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              Re: Coil cleaners, the best?

              For our smaller cooler coils, I just take a wire brush and pull them main stuff off the front (fan off) brushing with the coils. Then with the fan on I blow it out with a spray dust can. Gets a little dusty, but they turn out nice and clean.
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                Re: Coil cleaners, the best?

                Using a nylon brush would work better than a wire one, wire could be bad for the coils. If you are looking for a cheap way to clean them just a heavy duty degreaser will work fine with a nylon brush.
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                  Re: Coil cleaners, the best?

                  i only reccomend using liquid nitrogen or blast a coil both do a good job


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