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R22 is Going Bye Bye. Thoughts on R410 Retrofit?


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  • R22 is Going Bye Bye. Thoughts on R410 Retrofit?

    I was told recently by one of our HVAC technicians that R22 is about to be gone. Production has stopped already I think. Everything is going to R410A. He told me that even all of the older units will have to be retrofitted for the new refrigerant, much like the automotive industry did a while back going from R12 to R134A. He also told me that retrofitting is a nightmare on older units. R410A runs at such a high head pressure that if you don't already have a leak, you will soon. Also the conversion process involves repacing the compressor(s), dryers/accumulators, etc.

    Seems to me it'd be just about worth it to replace the entire unit even if there is only a relatively small, and repairable issue causing a leak.

    Looks like $200 repair jobs are soon to be $10,000+ repair jobs.

    Is this info on track? Any thoughts/opinions?
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    Re: R22 is Going Bye Bye. Thoughts on R410 Retrofit?

    From what I understand and read on
    R22 will still be around for repairs for a while yet.


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      Re: R22 is Going Bye Bye. Thoughts on R410 Retrofit?

      That's good news. He made it sound like it was going to happen within the next 2 years and that a retrofit to R410A was the only option. From your link it appears that R410A is not the chosen refrigerant for retrofits and is actually not recommended.
      <span style="font-style: italic">Sometimes it is best to use good advice from many individuals to achieve the ultimate result.</span>


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        Re: R22 is Going Bye Bye. Thoughts on R410 Retrofit?

        i'm actually certified to work with automotive AC systems, r12 or freon is no longer MADE. it can be reused almost forever, and there is no requirement to retrofit until there is no avaible freon.
        r134a is a poor subsitute, requiring larger condensors and evaporators to do the same amount of cooling.

        from the sounds of r410a retrofit, its also a poor substitute for the r22.
        but i'd bet the r22 will be around for years to come too. even today you can get your freon system recharged.

        i would guess replacing vs repairing has the same basic arguement as in cars. by replacing you get much more effecient use of the power source, be it gas or electricity, and a longer problem free period for the rest of it.


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          Much essier to use M099. It is a straight drop in replacement for 22. Just has to be put in liquid phase.


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            R22 will cease use in the US in 2020. All new production of equipment (A/C, Coolers, Freezers) are band for use of R22. Today, R22 is not being manufactured in the US, it is being imported from overseas until 2020.

            MO99 is the Dupont named product, in the trade it is referred to as R438A. And is a so called "Drop In" replacement. Here's the Dupont take on their product:

            What I did years ago when they threatened the end of R12 was, I purchased 5 30lb. cans and put them in storage for later use.

            If you have a lot of units with R22, you should do the same, except that now you need an EPA certification to buy gas.


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              Don't know much about refrigerants, but you should check out Enviro-Safe Refrigerants here in Pekin. They had an explosion last year in their plant, and have a whole new 4 building complex going up. They ship all over the world.
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                If all there new products are supposed to be safer and not harm the ozone layer why do you still have to recover them?


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                  They don't harm the atmosphere as much but there is still harm.
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