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  • Humidity

    I'm wondering what HVAC systems are installed in your centre and are they run 24/7
    We are having some issues with lane conditions (see here) I'm wondering if this has to do with the humidity of the building
    I am in southern Victoria in Australia and we are approaching winter
    We have a simple Temp/Humidity Gauge at the Control Counter which I checked at around 8AM and it was 49% it dropped to around 47% around 1PM
    I'm working tonight so will be interested in seeing what it is later tonight
    I recently read in a Brunswick brochure that humidity should be kept around 45%

    Knowing the heating/cooling outlets are all in the players area I can assume the pin end of the lane and certainly out the back there is a temperature difference could this be some of our problem

    Any thoughts
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    Our HVAC runs 24/7

    I have a thermostat that allows the temp to change 3 times a day

    At night (10pm) I bump the tem up one or 2 degrees...then in the morning an hour before opening I bring the temp back down

    But you never want to turn it off


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      The other thing to check if your HVAC is equipped with an economizer.

      It will introduce cool outside air when the inside temp is higher.

      These will bring in humidity and can be disables for lower humidity conditions inside.


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        Originally posted by Nev View Post
        I'm wondering what HVAC systems are installed in your centre and are they run 24/7
        We are having some issues with lane conditions.........

        Any thoughts

        Back in the day, wood lanes HATED the humidity change in the summer. Southeastern Michigan gets a good month or so of very hot muggy temps. At night when the place closed up and cool off, it would sound like someone was out walking on the lanes. Cleaning lady swears the place is haunted.
        Flip-side to the Michigan winter where the furnace will run for the next 6 months wringing out every last little bit of moister in the air. There was a gap at the side that we could measure to see the summer swell.

        Temperature will have a lot to due with lane oil consistency and how a machine applies it.
        I think the humidity plays a bigger role with how the pins behave, and how the ball and lane react to each other.

        Let's do a quick google....

        States of Co-existence in the Lubricant
        Once water enters the casing of a machine where bearings are used, such as an engine, turbine, or gear box, it may move through several chemical and physical states. These changes are complex, but important to understanding how to control and analyze its movements. To begin with, water will enter an oil in generally one of the five following ways:
        • (1) Absorption. Oil is hygroscopic to a certain extent, meaning it can absorb moisture directly from the air. The amount of moisture that can be absorbed is influenced by the relative humidity of the air and the saturation point of water solubility in the oil. Depending on temperature and pressure, this solubility limit will vary from about 100 ppm for low additive oil to several thousand ppm for high additive and certain synthetic oils. For any given water-in-oil saturation point and relative humidity of ambient air, an equilibrium will eventually be attained where the moisture moving from the air to the oil, and also from the oil to the air, is equal. Absorbed water is always dissolved in the oil at first, but may later, due to temperature/pressure changes, be condensed out to a free or emulsified state.

        There is validity to the argument.
        Are we a 'high additive, synthetic' oil? Kinda sounds like us, don't it?

        -store your lane conditioner with the cap on tightly.
        -Maintain the swamp cooler for the snack bar/kitchen. Fryer vent hoods must suck in fresh air. You'll get a huge influx of muggy every time the front door opens. Confine the air in the kitchen as much as possible. That allows your HVAC to condition THIS air over and over, rather than new hot air over and over.
        -Double doors with great seals. (Not just good ones) Seal the place up like you were next to the dairy.
        -Keep your HVAC system clean and running at it's top game.
        - all else fails...
        57pints a day@60%?!?!?! That ought to dry you out mate!

        We leave our greatest mark on this earth with the quality of our craftsmanship.


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