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Filter day at GBoF


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  • Filter day at GBoF

    It's change the filters day here at GBOF.

    81 filters in all! 49 filters outside, 32 inside.
    We opt for the pleated filters over the spun fiberglass ones.
    They normally last 30 days or so.


    How often and how many HVAC filters in your building?

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    Pincup, There are 39 filters on our roof top units, and I have 10 filters in the building. They are used as a pre-filter for the condensors to keep clean longer. Just cut to fit from a roll of blue fiberglass material from Menards. Our filters for the RTU's are from a company called Oklahoma Air Filter sales and service. Your neck of the woods! We change them around every 45 to 60 days. I Try to have return vents cleaned the night before I go up, to give a fresh start.


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      We have 81 filters here also and they are done every month, fortunately for me they are done by a contractor....
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        Originally posted by PinCup View Post


        How often and how many HVAC filters in your building?

        3 filters/check weekly/change as needed

        Life's simpler in the country. Sometimes...


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          12 filters in our main HVAC unit - change monthly

          1 in the mechanics room - change monthly November - March


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            Change all 8 (small place) monthly.



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              I have 4.4 million BTU's of furnaces, 2 Make Up Air Handlers @ 1.2 each, 2 @ 600,000 BTU's, and 2 @ 400,000 BTU's.

              The 1.2's have 24 filters each.

              The 600K's have 14 filters each.

              The 400K's have 10 filters each.

              And these are just the big ones, I have 3 more under 200K BTU's each. That's 9 more filters, but they are HEPA filters.

              I change filters every week, so all get changed every 6 weeks.


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                20 filters. the 12 for the bowling area are done bi-weekly. The rest are done monthly.
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