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  • Interesting setup

    So all of my centers have the typical, standalone roof mounted units.... except one. This place is in the bottom floor of a mall. Since roof mounted units were not practical they have these Train RTU units hanging from the ceiling inside the center with water pipes connected and a large water tower on the roof of the mall. It's really odd. The way it works is like a roof mounted unit except there is no evaporator fan as there is nowhere for the hot air to go (when cooling) except back inside the center. So, what happens is all the units are connected to a circuit of water pipes that circulate water through all of them. When the unit runs, basically, the water takes the heat out of it and runs it to the water tower on the roof where the water is cooled and the heat escapes outside. Never saw anything like this before.

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    we have one exactly like that on the roof of our mall, it is huge, a swamp cooler except massive.


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      Similar to a water chiller tower?


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      phoenix lane machine we got from another of our centers
      seems like pms were not done in a long time
      and these are just some of the pics

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