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  • MAME closer look.

    Building a MAME 101.

    Of course, stand-up games are MUCH roomier.
    Cocktail Tabletop games are a challange, but more comfortable to play.

    The CD drive is not needed for boot so it gets stored for play, I still use it for loading new ROMs.
    Cut, trim, bend, push, force, until it fits.

    Keyboard hacks are easy and fun.
    All KBs have an upper and lower waffer layer. Hack them at the board and separate them in any order, uper ABC, lower 123, as shown. Plug your hack into a PC and open a word DOC and map your hack. Touch two wires and chart what key that combo typed. Some keys may seem to have no effect, that's OK, stay away for Fkeys, TAB and the like, numbers and letters will make MAME easier to config later.
    On my 8-way joysticks, 4 of the micros share a common, the other 4 share a common. Fire and turbo have a seperate common.
    I needed to find 4 letters with in single ABC123.
    example D5=r D9=h D2=m D6=k
    Hack your Hack to the game.
    To config MAME, tell it player 1 up=r down=h left=m right=k

    My MAME will only play games that use an 8-way JS and 2 buttons. (or less)
    ei; PacMan needs a 4-way stick. My up-left up-right keys really screw pacman up. PCs like one key at a time.
    I can display defender and astroids, but my controls don't match that game.

    This game is a blast to play.
    Build you one! It's fun!
    And more fun when it's done!!

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    We leave our greatest mark on this earth with the quality of our craftsmanship.

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phoenix rebuild

phoenix lane machine we got from another of our centers
seems like pms were not done in a long time
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