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ball lift relay failure


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  • ball lift relay failure

    The Ball lift relay of lanes 1 & 2 will go bad 6-8 weeks, has happened 3 times this year. Connections are tight and inspected the cable going back to the nexgen, no visible damage.
    Looking for where to go with a very intermittent problem. Thank you Gene

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    I would be looking for a pinched/chaffed wire. I know you said the cable has been inspected, but no visible damage does not always mean no damage....i speak from experience learned the hard way on that point.
    Other thing is have you tried to move the control panel/box off that powerlift to another unit and see what happens?


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      What part of the relay burns, the coil or the contacts?


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        Originally posted by JoelJoanis View Post
        What part of the relay burns, the coil or the contacts?
        Who you directing this question to?


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            Gotcha. Was just wondering if it was a general question or one specific to his issue.


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              Gentlemen: Thank you for the responses. It is the contacts that fail. I have not had an issue since the last problem so I put this on the back burner and dealing with more
              pressing issues. To "loadtoad" in your past failures of the wires--have you found one place to look better than the other--when I get back to the inspecting?


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                I've moved this out of the tech reference forum to the other equipment forum since this isn't specific to GS setters and isn't technical reference material.

                Gene, did you check the rating of the relays being installed? Are they above the motor specs? It might also be worth putting a clamp meter on the wire to the contact to see exactly what the amp draw is vs the relay rating.

                Could the relay be chattering due to a control supply issue?
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                  I have been purchasing my relays directly from Brunswick. NOW the problem is that the unit will not turn off. even with new relays in them.
                  This is a fun unit but at least it is working!


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