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Tel-E-Foul Issue


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  • Tel-E-Foul Issue

    The Tel-E-Foul module between two of our lanes isn't working and I wonder if you'll have any ideas. All the LEDs are dim, but not out. No cables or wires seem to be disconnected. I'm also super new to this, so please forgive a likely dumb question.

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    Im guessing this is a Brunswick unit, as you used the term "tel-e-foul".
    This could be a newer Brunswick unit, or an older unit with an aftermarket (Zot) circuit board.
    Either way, all the LEDs should be lit up (power and signal strength).
    Are both reflectors (opposite side of lane from unit) good?
    It might just need adjusting to get the beam onto the reflectors.
    Could you post a picture of the unit?


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      I checked the reflectors, they're clean and appear fine. I don't have a picture of the whole unit, but here's the part number.


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        These appear to be the Frameworx Tel-e-foul units. I assume the lights you are referring to are along the side? See pic below. These are the lights that indicate detector signal strength. If they are all lit up but are dim then you may have a power supply issue or a board issue. There is a power light in the back corner of the board. What does this show. The unit also runs a self diagnostics on fire up. Are you given visual or audio indicators whey you turn it on.

        The power supply should provide 12VAC. Check this with a meter and if it is good you can swap in another board and this should tell if it's the board.
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          It's common for a cracked solder joint to occur at either of the the connections to the large electrolytic capacitor. Touch up the surrounding joints while you're at it, it won't hurt. I'd get on top of it ASAP because the PIC will soon die then it's a trip to the gold plated Brunswick Electronics Repair Centre...$$$.
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            Sounds like the transformer output is not adequate. Can't say that I've experienced this problem previously but James might be on the money.
            He's known to be right every now and then.....


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              Thanks for the tips all. Great advice! Turns out I just had to powercycle the transformer going into the unit. The tech support rep suggested there was likely a power surge and that sometimes this issue occurs.


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