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Subway track issues


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  • Subway track issues

    Currently having issues having balls jump off the subway track on a pair of lanes. It has a newer down sweep and the track is metal rails with the white plastic snap on covers. We gone through and loosened some sections to straighten it and it seems to have gotten better but every now and then well here a clunk in the middle section of the subway track. So my question is does anyone have any tips or tricks to straighten it or things to look for? Were located in central MN so if any of you guys are in the area and know what to do we would be willing to pay for in help as well. Thanks in advance

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    Is the track supported by hangers?


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      The track is screwed down to 2x4s which are nailed into the cement if that answers your question?


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        That's your problem. Track should be suspended by hangers and free to move just a little when a ball becomes unbalanced.


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          None of ours are suspended by hangers at all. So that's wonderful news lol. Thanks


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            Do you know the speed of your accelerators (if that is what you have)


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              Originally posted by ztlance View Post
              None of ours are suspended by hangers at all. So that's wonderful news lol. Thanks
              That’s not uncommon. Have seen plenty of tray tracking fixed down, ideally they should be suspended.

              Are your subways trenched into the concrete floor?

              Joel makes a good point in regard to the speed of the ball.


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                I guess I'm not sure what the speed is or what it should be. I guess I should of clarified I'm working with 82-70s I'm not sure if that makes a difference?


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                  Also the subway track is bolted to the 2x4s that are nailed into the concrete. Then there are 4x2 that run along side the track so balls dont disappear under the lanes


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                    I believe the Brunswick install uses hangers to suspend tracks, AMF screws to the foundation. I've had both.


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                      Newer Brunswick Plastic Track is screwed to 2"x4" on the ground...


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