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Paint Front BR Hoods??


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  • Paint Front BR Hoods??

    I just purchased used Frameworx hoods and Trays. Hoods Peeling clear coat? Sand and new clear coat? Imron paint Black? Rhino Liner spray? NJ Carolier Lanes put thick rough spray on hoods and someone said it might be Rhino liner used for pick-up truck beds.

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    Find a person in a local body shop who is knowledgeable about fixing Corvettes, they will be able to help you


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      Back in the 70's we painted our hoods with Imron. First we put on a dust coat of Zinc Cromate which is what was required back then to bond paint properly to fiberglass. Don't know if that is required anymore. It wore like Iron. Even the biggest bowler could Not "kick" through it.
      Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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        Thank You guys for the info.


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