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    Re: synthetic pins

    I'm always tring different things to slow down oor's,my latest attempt is using straight evolution lane cleaner and spraying it on the pindecks.I'm not sure what the long term effects might be on my synthetic pindecks but I can tell you it has sure stopped the oor's.We had just put in some of brunswicks new "killer B " pins and the number of oor's had gone up a bunch.
    Good luck


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      Re: synthetic pins

      Like I said in the Topic I had posted...:

      If you have so many complaints about the Twisters after a couple of weeks, it should show you that maybe... the normal Diamond 299 Duramid, AMF, Brunswick and such do a better job afterall. Why spent $200+ Dollars if you can get a set for over half that price??? With the wooden pins you do not experience out of ranges and such.. no matter what pins, they get chewed up in machines.. plastic or not... and I don't believe you want to have chewed up looking pins in your Center for 4-7 years! I don't!
      Plastic does crack with age! And instead of putting "cement" or whatever on the basering, which cracks and also leaves scratches on the lanes, I'd rather buy the wooden ones.
      One said the sound has been noticed by Bowlers.. If you want to stay in business, throughout the twister and get the NORMAL Pins.


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        Re: synthetic pins

        With wood pins I have far more trouble out of them than the Twisters. In texas when the humidity gets high the wood pins hang in the buckets and the Twisters have yet to do that. The Twisters won't last 4 to 7 years in my house too much lineage....maybe 2 1/2 or 3 years. Going to run them the rest of the spring and summer and see what they do. Not ready to throw them out yet. I am yet to have an out of range with them. It really isn't all that bad an idea...if they can get the sound a little better they would be on to something.


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          Re: synthetic pins

          Hmmm sure would like to know what wood pin it is that never has out of ranges and such. Never heard of that one.


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            We have been using the no slide pin spots you get 9 per and they last a pretty much all year . I find the 5,8,9 spots wear out the most so as far as cost goes it's about $35.00 a pk over 20 lanes isn't bad and they really do eliminate the out of ranges . They are also USBC ,ABC approved as well


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