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  • Ball Lift

    I have a ball lift that always seems to get jammed during practice and practice only. Take the hood off and there will be 3-4 balls caught. I have to manually accelerate them to the racks. But, during the rest of league play and during open play, it works perfectly. Any Ideas?

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    Re: Ball Lift

    Check the contacts as they may be going out, there should be two in there one for each lane. If one is out the lift won't come on until both machines are on and could be the problem.

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      Re: Ball Lift

      Those are both good. The balls just get jammed and the motor shuts off due to over load. Have to manually unjam then press the thermoverload button on the motor. It works perfectly any other time then during a five man league warm up.


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        Re: Ball Lift

        Take a look at your preferance system to be sure it works properly. Getting a few balls locked on the even lane then released will send them up front at the same time, one behind the other and cause this.

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          Re: Ball Lift

          The ball tracks might also have a "flat spot" on them, that will also cause a ball or Balls to be caught when they decide to come up at the same time.
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            Re: Ball Lift

            Maybe your motor is going south, As soon as its powered up, it trips overload, and the balls get stuck because its not running.



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              Re: Ball Lift

              Do a two ball test...put 2 balls at front of lift and push them up at same time. Observe lift and see if it can handle the load.

              What type of ball lift control box do you have?


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                Re: Ball Lift

                we had a pair do that about a month ago. turns out the pulley on the motor had the grooves worn down. changed the pulley haven't had a call since.

                mike d


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                  Re: Ball Lift

                  make sure the belt is tight enough and clutch isnt slipping also I'd say good possibility the preferance system isnt working right or balls yoyoing and then coming back more than one at a time.


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                    Re: Ball Lift

                    I have this same problem, but when I go to manually turn the pulleys to get the balls out, the balls come out REALLY hard. Most of the time, it manages to bring the motor to a stop without tripping the overload. Balls are getting caught right between the top and bottom tracks. I do know that it is not a preference issue, as it has happened with only one lane on in open play.


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                      Re: Ball Lift

                      Thebuch, there's a few of things that may cause this.

                      - Upper or lower wheels cracked or worn
                      - Poor belt tension
                      - Poor belt condition
                      - Worn clutch

                      What upper and lower wheels does it have?
                      Does it have a 'V' or poly V belt?
                      What traction material is used on the 'C' tracks? Colour?
                      Do you use a retarder?
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