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Spectrum Lift not shutting off


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  • Spectrum Lift not shutting off

    Recently had a wire for the top outlet of a spectrum lift burn up on us. Replaced the whole box on the unit, but now the spectrum lift will not turn off, no matter what plug we use. Have already tried replacing the box again, have even replaced plug on original box and put that back on. Gone through 3 different boxes, still having the same problem. So far we have just been unplugging the motor whenever it is not in use. Have used an extension cord to plug motor into another spectrum lift, and the problem doesn't move, so I'm pretty sure it is not the motor.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I don't work on AMF pinspotters so I'm using the crystal ball a bit here. You should have one or two circuits sending low voltage to the ball lift box when a pinspotter is on and no voltage when both pinspotters of the pair are off. Check this circuit or circuits for voltage with both pinspotters off. If you have the same voltage you would have with pinspotters on, your problem is in one or both pinspotters. It might be easier to just unplug the low voltage wire, but I don't know that for sure.


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      We found out that the outlet we used had a bridge to connect both plugs. So when the bottom plug was always getting power, so was the top. We disconnected the bridge, but now we can not get the top plug to work at all.


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