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Modification to top roller brackets


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  • Modification to top roller brackets

    Pinwheel roller mod 004.jpgPinwheel roller mod 003.jpgPinwheel roller mod 001.jpgPinwheel roller mod 002.jpg

    I done this mod so that it put the pinwheel bac to right height, I had the benefit of having a spare back panel
    so was easy to set up with the ring, the measurement from the inside face of the panel to the other face of the ring was 4 1/4".
    now all pins orient properly onto the dizzy.
    Drilled a 1/2' hole 1/4' from the edge of existing hole , welded 2 tags on to stop the axle shaft from turning so I can do adjustments on the machine if needed .
    I looked at the other set up on the lower rollers but found due to the amount of wear on the ring tube and rollers , it would not put the pin-wheel back to the right height .

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    Interesting.. In the last week I have been thinking of doing the same and I came across this thread.
    Currently I've been elongating one of the lower brackets so the pinwheel is tight, but theres a machine that I thought if only i could raise the pinwheel slightly so the pins would fall out of the pinwheel properly. Are you having good success with this mod?


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