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Wells Gardiner Monitor problem.....


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  • Wells Gardiner Monitor problem.....

    No words....

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    Simply unbelievable.


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      Holy cow


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        Police called??? That's BS!!!


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          your screens just over the foul line? Been forever since I've seen that. ( Monitor so close to foul line not ball inserted )
          They paying for 4 lanes upgraded to LCDs I hope. Cause finding a replacement. ICK!


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            Fortunately I've managed to finish my converter project from last year that came to a halt due to sync issues with the converter card that can't lock onto the Accuscore output. A few modifications to my original design worked with a temporary LCD to fill in the gap but refused to work with the new 39" flatscreen smart TVs. This gave me more time to play and redesign a new prototype which is now crisp, clear and rock solid


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              Well.... it’s that time of year again, silly season.


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                omg, im glad i dont have your customers.


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                  Judging by your pictures and a few videos I've seen on YouTube, etc. putting scorer or other screens over the lanes anywhere past the foul line isn't really a great idea.

                  Especially if you have a lot of social bowlers who like to drink and generally misbehave.

                  The attached picture is the bowl where I used to work, the black bulkhead above the lane arrows had quite a few hits - "ball sized" holes in a couple of instances - from lofted balls over the years. We'd put some new black painted panels over the entire bulkhead to cover the damage just before I took the picture. The LED lighting bars attached to the bottom of the bulkhead are still at risk but we had nowhere else to put them.

                  The scorer and video screens are just above the foul line, as you can see. Never had one broken or damaged (up until when I left at the end of June, anyway).



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                    A few years back we had a couple of 20 year olds we asked to leave because of bad behaver. got them out the door, and one runs back in picks up a house ball and throws it into the flat screen. runs out and jumps in car and they where gone. happened so fast we could not respond in time to what, tackle him, get into fight? we post there picture at desk and have not seen them since. Tis the season to be Jolly. Later Chief


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