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90 XLi chassis - even side problems


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  • 90 XLi chassis - even side problems

    I have a chassis that works perfectly on the odd side but on the even side scores every single ball as a strike and runs the sweep through without it even stopping at first guard. it does not stop at 2nd guard either just goes straight home and leaves the table to spot the next rack of pins un-protected. It is as if i am holding my finger on the run sweep button. these electronics issues really confuse me but the chassis is old enough that it is well past it's warentee so i am prepared to open it up if there is anything i can do......

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    Even though I've never seen or even heard of that issue before, some of it is explainable. It scores a strike because the sweep cleared the pindeck before the camera took the picture of the pindeck. That much is obvious. But the sweep not stopping at its guard position is unusual for a chassis issue that I know of. I would more suspect the Encoder Disc or Encoder Sensor underneath the sweep brake. Those parts can accumulate brake dust whereas the encoder will no longer work properly (Tell the chassis where the sweep is. The Home Sensor would eventually stop the sweep at home). I would check that first if I had already changed the chassis eliminating the chassis as a suspect. You have changed the chassis correct?
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      We have had encoder problems and are quite familiar with them but in this case it is the chassis, the lane works completly fine but as soon as i want to use the other chassis it just goes back to the same problem on the even lane


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        I don't know if this will help you much, but I had an odd problem several years ago with one of my XLi chassis'. I opened it up to have a look-see and found a screw had come loose (holding something onto the chassis door) and had fallen into the power supply (I don't remember what the issue was). It was shorting whatever. I removed and returned the screw to the door and all was well again. Maybe your problem is something similarly silly?

        There are a lot of connections inside the chassis. Maybe something just came loose? Maybe a bad solder joint at the Logic Inputs? A bad pin in the Logic Input connector plug? If you're familiar with PC Boards, they're not too terribly hard to remove if you take your time. Everything is labeled so you don't even have to take notes. That's all I got. Good luck...
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          did have a screw loose but still no joy, shall keep looking, cheers


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