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  • Table trouble

    Hi! I'm a rookie so , please bare with me. My table will not come down. Changed chassis and motors. Chassis clicks on and motors hums till it pops. Checked plugs and are good. Changed solenoid. Checked harness. At a loss! Can it be a capacitor? I live almost in Canada via Montana so any help would be great.

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    Does the motor have an electronic start switch??
    -- Larry


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      Did you swap out the gearbox at the same time as the motor? There could be a bind in there causing issues.
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        Originally posted by Alastair View Post
        Did you swap out the gearbox at the same time as the motor? There could be a bind in there causing issues.
        I would try this with gearbox from a machine that has no problems


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          To answer your question. Yes it very well could be a capacitor.


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            Have you tried hand cranking the table to ensure there is definitely no bind in there somewhere?
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              Try hand cranking the gearbox box. If it feels free, then check your capacitors.


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                If your motor hums and then pops the overload, that sounds like it'd be a bad start capacitor. If you swapped the motor and not the gearbox, it is possible that your gearbox is seized or is binding. Like previous users have stated, try hand cranking the gearbox. If it's freed up, you probably have a burnt out start capacitor. Before replacing your gearbox, make sure it has good and clean oil, and is also at the full level.

                Our center had a problem like this but with a back end motor. Changing the motor head would then cause the motor to kick in and throw the overload. It ended up being the gearbox was seized up.

                Hope this helps!
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                  Always change the sweep or table motors capacitors as a "pair". They are inexpensive and will cost you less problems down the road
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