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No pins after strike


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  • No pins after strike

    One of my machines will not set a new rack after a strike is thrown. It will however set a new rack after a second ball is thrown. What can I try?

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    Whoops, AMF forum.
    Look for a broken wire/grounded respot cell.
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      what type of chassis?
      In search of the C2B plug


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        Check your respot cells for wires and the set screw gap as well
        Experience: We currently maintain 12 AMF 82-70's


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          Is the lane scoring correctly? What scoring system and cameras do you have?


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            Sounds like the clock, data, ground signal is not getting to the chassis for the strike cycle.


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            Haven't actually done any welding for years, so I was up to the challenge when I found this machine that was having problem setting the head pin.
            Someone had welded this...

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