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balls yoyoing at bottom of balllift


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  • balls yoyoing at bottom of balllift

    This has been a real problem especially with one pair of lanes. I have gripper uptrack rubbers etc installed. I have tried new ball lift belt, shocker, diferent tension on the ball lift, different positions of the ball lift, new thimbles, new liftpad assy with new rubbers, different ball lift etc etc etc. It happens with heavy balls that are oily but also have it happen occassionally with lighter balls especially if a disabililty bowler is bowling as they just don't seem to clean there balls. If we clean the ball it is ok for a few rames then happens again. I am at a lost to get this issue sorted & now at the point of replcong the metal sidewalls just in case when the secondhand ones were put in the holes are in the wrong place or something. I will also add this problem occurred after we got our kegel flex walker & it's not a issue with the kegel it cleans perfectly we haven't changed oil or started putting down any more oil.

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    There's not enough pressure being applied to the ball from the track rails and ball lift belt. And any number of things could cause this, but generally the distance between the belt and rails is too great. The rails can loosen up and spread apart? Maybe the original bend in the rails is gone? A broken track rail mounting bracket? Worn track rail covers? Things of that nature.

    The adjustable ball lift support brackets (that are mounted to the ball lift's tube) are really nice and should take care of that issue. Or maybe you can shim between the track rail's lower mounting bracket and its mounting brackets (that are bolted to the kick backs) to get the track rails closer to the belt. A couple of thin "C" washers should do the trick.

    Just a few things off the top of my head.
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      Agreed with above.

      Is the ball actually spinning as it yo yo's? Or just bouncing up and down?

      Which ball lift belt are you running?

      How many units of oil is your program?


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        The ball turns but doesn't spin it doesn't get past the orange thimbles. They use to get about a third of the way up then just sit there with the belt slipping on it.
        Using the gripper ball lift belt
        22mls of oil
        Have tried adjusting the top bracket on the ball lift & it made it worse
        I might order some new uptrack rails & fit them see if it makes any differenece before ordering new sidewalls


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          I totally agree with Bill. I had the exact problem with a pair and I shimmed out the lift rods, problem solved.
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            I've also shimmed the rails at the lifter bracket.

            Original PBL ball lifts used to have an adjustment where you could lower the bottom end of the lift by changing the extended shock length at the top. The new version eliminated that and now it's adjusted by a new upper bracket that has elongated mounting holes at the center tube.

            I prefer the old system because it was easier to control the angle of the lift assembly in relation to the rails.

            -- Larry


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              I have had that very same issue, I did notice that after I swapped the lift arm Assy' the one I removed was bent and twisted which was causing a load of pain. I also noticed the ball door rings didn't look right so I replaced them and everything sat VERY differently after that. Also just a suggestion if you go to shim the lift arm Assy' out from the brackets, remove the rail covers to give extra clearance and use a 5/16" flat washer (or 2) instead of the C washer, as if it ever became loose the C washer would fall out and there would be a load of movement where with the round washer that couldn't happen.
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