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Brunswick Control Box Diagnosis


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  • Brunswick Control Box Diagnosis

    So I have 82-70 Pinspotters with what looks like a Brunswick type of front ball lift. So there are basically two switches installed. One allows the lift and fan blower to turn on with the individual pinspotter. The other works as an overide to give the lift and fan direct power, but obviously does not shut off when the customer is done bowling. I was having some issues where the lift will kick out on its own when receiving power from the pinspotters. It takes a while for this to happen. And it has only seemed to happen with both lanes running. I've had to use the over ride switch to keep it working when it goes down, and then after a while I am able to switch it back... really weird. Well I have tried now re-wired it to one switch that's double sided. So when I flip to one side, it gives power from the pinspotters, and the other side is the direct line. After the wiring, when I have the individual lanes pinspotted on, the lift and fan run. However, if both lanes are on simultaneously, then the lift does not come on, and I have to use the over ride. Looking for any and all help. Any ideas to try to spark something. Thanks in advance!

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    I have since rewired it back to using 2 switches instead of one. Still having the same issue where the lift runs with the lanes on individually, but not together.


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      Here is a link to a lift box. Is this what you have?

      You may need to be a little more specific as to your lift control box. Perhaps a picture or a quick sketch showing your wiring configuration.


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        you are on AMF machines now, stop thinking like a Brunswick mechanic. lol Brunswick sends power to the coil of the ball lift AND back to the machine! AMF does NOT, they send power to the coil and then Grounds the other side of the coil. you are probably losing the ground, as both machines will work individuality.


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          Here is the wiring schematic for it. And SFM_RM I like your thinking lol. I didn't realize that the two work differently. That makes sense now. But it is weird, they work independently but not together. Scary part is, if I shake the control box enough it will eventually turn on, but kick out later. It is definitely not the power line coming from the main breaker panel, as the over ride switch still works to give the motor and fan power from the line in. But something is happening from the machine end. Maybe I am losing that ground connection, but I have literally taken it apart and re connected it all. So I am not quite sure.If you need any other photos I can upload them. I am going to upload a few photos of our ball lifts here soon.


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