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  • chassis problem

    Have 82-70SS w/Omega-tec upgrade. Not getting 1st/2nd ball lights. Problem stayed with chassis and board is good. Any solution would be appreciated. Changed all relays and Klixon.. Bulbs are good and are grounded.

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    You verified that the wires to the bulb sockets are grounded using a VOM? It sounds to me as the bulbs have lost their ground to the chassis. ???
    There! Try to NOT work now!


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      Can you please elaborate on what you did to confirm the board was good. Did you move the board into another chassis and a known good board into the chassis in question and the chassis in question still did not work?

      Do you have strike and/or foul indication. The chassis provides a common 12 VDC to the strike, foul, 1st ball and 2nd ball and then grounds each light separately to turn each on. If you have strike/foul lights working then it's a good indication that you have 12 V from the chassis but you lost it to the 1 and 2 ball light indicators. But you said the problem followed the chassis so the problem is likely in the chassis and since the wires from indicator lights are separated at the lights I would suspect you lost the common 12 V supply to the lights.

      Check for 12 VDC to ground at pin 29 of the mask plug receptacle on the chassis (assuming your using the original mask plug). If you don't have 12 V here then check the overload breaker for the lamp supply transformer. You may need to power down the chassis and do an ohms check to ground on both sides of the overload to confirm the overload is good. If the overload is good you can check the voltage coming directly out of the transformer. This would tell you if the problem is the transformer or the wire from the transformer to the plug. Of course you want to check the pins on the receptacle itself. If you have voltage at the back side of pin 29 but nothing on the plug side then the pin connection is likely at fault.

      There are a couple diodes that rectify the AC from the transformer to DC but we can check all that once you check the above voltages.


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        If you are still using the masking unit plug then check ground wire and also check the connection between plug and chassis. I have had a couple problems where the pins that are suppose to connect get slightly bent losing connection.


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          thanks guys. Fixed problem. Blade on chassis side of masking unit plug had bad spade. Only problem now is 1st ball light comes on, the fades out.


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            Glad you got it going...kinda!!!! I would check for more corrosion on the rest of the connector and loose wires. Make sure you got your board seated firmly in the socket after you swapped it. You may need to pull it and re install it again.


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