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Machine sometimes will not set pins after strike cycle


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  • Machine sometimes will not set pins after strike cycle

    I have a lane that will sometimes act like it is waiting for the signal from the bin switch. Funny thing is it only happens after a strike and not every strike about 1 in 20. My machines run a short strike cycle. I have checked all my C1 and C2 connections. The problem stays with the machine when i swap chassis with another lane. I replaced the connectors to the bin switch and bin switch, no change. I checked my wires and they are fine. but i imagine if it had to do with the bin switch it would happen on regular 1st or 2nd ball cycle. There isn't a random screw laying on the tac boards in the wireway and the wires are tightly attached. I was sitting on it during league to just quickly raise the sweep, switch the machine to 2nd ball and cycle the machine to give them a full rack. I just so happened to notice the 2nd ball lamp would quickly flash on as the sweep did its run through from 1st guard then the sweep would stop at 2nd guard and wait. It would only do this when the machine would glitch. Then I started to think about what would cause that. I checked the connections to the PBC and PBZ button on the Manger control box, no change. Then i remembered with my Qubica scoring, 4 wires come from the FBox to the machine, 2 are for 1st and 2nd ball and the other 2 are for strike. So i ran a new wire from the Fbox into the wireway and made sure i had good connections where they attached and where they ended up in the C2 plug. Now it happens about 1 in 40 strikes and the 2nd ball lamp no longer flicker on for a split second before the strike cycle glitches. I was looking through my wiring diagrams and they show a capacitor for the bin switch between TS 32 and TS 34 but none of my machines have one. I also have a wire going to TA-2 N.C. and i checked the cam switch adjustment and it is okay.

    I'm all out of Ideas...Do you guys have any insight or have dealt with something like this?

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    If you suspect the bin switch circuit you can check it real time as the machine runs. Take a voltage meter and place the black probe on ground (TS-15) and the red probe on TS-34. Now you can see what the computer sees as the bin switch circuit opens and closes while going through its cycles. The voltage should toggle for the two conditions so when it stalls as though waiting for pins you can see if it's truly waiting for pins.

    I'm not sure this is where your problem lies but this should confirm or eliminate your suspicions and so you can fix it or move to something else.

    Let us know what you find.


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      I take it your running 70’s with 5 boards or mp’s with that in mind Check to make sure there is nothing grounding in the wireway where all the wires from the cells run in. As if you do suspect the bin switch when it does glitch is the table going through a half spot? You may also want to have a look at your spot solenoid.


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        I have elco chassis with omega tek board. The TAC board is gone i this machine and there arent any respot cell wires. My strike cycle is sweep runs to 1st guard, table runs to feel for pins, sweep does run through and stops at 2nd guard, if all is well then table will spot pins, table and sweep return to home, so nothing about the spot solenoid


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          Are the sweep and table cam/lever micro switches adjust correctly?


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            yes i checked those out all ready. Im wondering if if could some how be a component of the scoring or masking unit since it only happens during a strike cycle


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              Try replacing SB micro switch. When SB closes it initiates spotting cycle.
              If it cant be fixed with a hammer, use a bowling pin.


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                SA determines 2nd guard and home position of sweep. SB determines 1st guard

                Billy T


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                  Originally posted by BillyT4QAMF View Post
                  SA determines 2nd guard and home position of sweep. SB determines 1st guard
                  Correct, but if my old memory serves me correct, SB has something to do with the spotting cycle. If I'm wrong than what cam determines this?
                  If it cant be fixed with a hammer, use a bowling pin.


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                    Where is Exmech when we need him!?
                    There! Try to NOT work now!


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                      Bill: Sarcasm or a general concern for my absence? I'll take the later it helps me sleep better at night.

                      clutchplate: I believe your thinking of TA2. It's a dual purpose switch with the normally open contacts wired in series with the bin switch. This means the table has to be between 350 and 260 for the bin switch signal to be received by the electronics. Is this where you mind was tracking or did you have something else in mind?

                      If it was TA2 then the problem wouldn't be limited to strike cycles only as the same configuration exists for 2nd ball normal standing pins cycle. It could be a coincidence but less likely the more times it happens.

                      Testing for voltage at TS34 as I indicated above will tell you the state of the BS circuit so both of these switches will be tested. If you get 0 volts to ground when the 9 pin is in and the table is up then both switches have to be closed to get this state and the switches are good.
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                        Better never than late info: it could be your expander board (single board) if you look on the lower side closest to the front of your machine there is a red LED that is on during 2nd ball called your inhibit light. Offspot, table running, foul, instructomat will trigger it also. I have had an xlmp culprit so I swapped with another pair of lanes have similar behavior when the chassis were functioning fine.
                        When you know what to do, everything is easy.


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                          Always spec 88 chassis . That resets to factory. Then if that doesn't work take strike box see if that fixes the proble before messing with s1 s2 switches.


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