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Output for ball return


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  • Output for ball return

    im Having issues with a front end return. I re wired the whole front box, and and am not getting any voltage from the machine. Double and triple checked wiring, but no luck. Ideas? (Not getting a signal from the pinsetter)
    Experience: We currently maintain 12 AMF 82-70's

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    What model ball return? Why did you rewire it in the first place? What was it not doing? Did you replace a control box? Details! We need details!
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      I'm literally just looking for the output voltage from the 82-70 Pinsetter. I have everything else working.
      Experience: We currently maintain 12 AMF 82-70's


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        But as Bill said we need some more information as to how your ball return works. There are a few different ways the return gets power.

        1) The machine provides 24 volts to relays in the front box to turn it on. This appears to be what your looking for but it may be the wrong assumption. Where do your old wires go to at the machine.

        2) Another method is to have a transformer at the front box and the wires go to a set of relay contacts in the chassis. If this is what you had then there would be no power from the pinspotter which is what your showing.

        So, just a little more information and we can help you out. Is your new setup the same as the old?


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          It’s got a transformer in front. I found the issue to be the transformer and the fuse that’s inline
          Experience: We currently maintain 12 AMF 82-70's


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            The chassis doesn't supply 24VAC, all it does is provide a set of relay contacts to turn a ball return on. What kind of chassis and what kind of ball return control board are you using?
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