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MP Chassis pc board


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  • MP Chassis pc board

    I have 1board that the back end motor will not shut off when the pit switch or circuit breaker is turned off. Question is,
    anyone know-how to repair in house? P/N on the board is 070 009 850 no mark 5.

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    Why do you suspect it's the pc board?

    If the circuit breaker won't shut it off, then the circuit breaker is likely faulty. It is a manual switch that opens irregardless of the chassis operation. Shutting it off should disconnect all power to T4 which should shut down the BE relay and subsequently the BE motor. Replace the CB or at least disconnect it and the BE motor should shut down.

    If there is a problem with the pc board then the BE motor may not shut off under it's control even after the CB is replaced but it should always shut off when the breaker is shut off.


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      Is your backend relay sticking on?


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        I would tend to agree with Ausweegie that a stuck relay contact is most likely the culprit. Even if you hear it clicking doesn't mean the contacts are good. Either pull it, replace it or check voltage across the contacts to confirm its status.


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          Problem was solved with replacing pc board. Even when cb in back end box is off there is still 115 volts going to mtr.


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            This should not be the case. If the original problem was resolved with the pc board swap then that's probably a bad triac which you can test and replace.

            This would eliminate the relay since it appears to be working now. However, if the breaker doesn't disconnect the circuit then it's not providing protection or control if you need to quickly shut the motor off. This should be resolved. You likely have a bad breaker or the wiring has been switched around and may be bypassing the breaker.


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              I’d still get a file and clean up the contacts on the back end relay. If it’s starting to stick on it’s in its way out the door. It won’t stick every time so just keep that in mind.



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