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  • Ball Return

    on the Front ball return, can you rotate/flip the leather strap? The side that the balls push against is starting to get really dirty looking to find out if it can be flipped?
    Experience: We currently maintain 12 AMF 82-70's

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    Clean it with a wire brush first and see if that does not alleviate your dirt problem.


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      It has been so long since I have worked with those. I do not remember if you can rotate or flip. I do remember however wire brushing the crap off them weekly and it really helped. I wish you luck, I'm just glad I do NOT have to deal with those ball returns anymore.
      watch out, they're everywhere!


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        Yes you can flip them. In the old days when when the leather was worn completely through a quick fix was to put the hole towards the top and it would work. Thank God we got a new owner that would allow parts to be purchased. I'm talking 1970's.
        But I would turn them over to extend there life
        Later Chief


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          Yes, flip them and turn end to end. Get a good rough spot where the ball hits. The pressure plate looks crooked. (maybe the camera angle) With the leather off make sure the V / slot at the top of the pressure plate is centered on the belt. After you put the leather in measure the center of it and mark it. Then make sure the slot in the pressure plate lines up with the mark. Stahl's sells new ones.


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