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82-70 Won't Cycle


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  • 82-70 Won't Cycle

    Can't get lane 1 to cycle using the managers control box in the back or when a ball is thrown. I can make it cycle using the table and sweep cams. I've swapped the chassis, changed the off spot micro switch and all 3 sweep micro switches. I found 1 pin in the C1 plug that was burnt a little and I replaced. Nothing has resolved my problem.

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    Have you swapped the chassis to see if the problem moves? Also check to make sure it’s not in instructomat.



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      I've done both of those things. The pit motor will run at the managers control box too


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        The C1 plug is more high voltage Chassis output (to motors and things) than anything. C2A is low voltage input to the chassis (from various switches, etc.) I'd check the C2A cable pins and sockets first. Make sure none of them push out the back of the block, and that they have good solid connections.
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          We need to know a little more about your systems.

          Which chassis are you using and any expander boards?
          Which ball detection are you using?
          Does the cycle function in the scoring trigger the machine? Does the scoring provide your ball detection or do you have a separate ball detection system?
          Does the scoring tie into the AMC or through the APS connection?

          It sounds like the basic system is functioning since you can trigger the machine with the cam switches. So to help track the problem down, we just need to know how the rest of the components tie into the machine. This would determine where to look for an issue.


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            The cycle start switch is wired into the cycle switch in the control panel in the back, so its possible that the cycle switch is bad (not likely because it just connects to the same terminals).
            Make sure you didn't have a wire come off of a terminal when you opened the panel last. I've had that happen to myself.
            Like Bill said, I'd check your C2A connections. I would be surprised if C1 was the issue, because that's mostly power connections.
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