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Temporary Repair for Torn Pit Carpet?


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  • Temporary Repair for Torn Pit Carpet?

    We're headed into a busy weekend and have a grey fabric pit carpet (I think it started out white) that has decided to start tearing at the seam. The rip is about 4" and caught on the 7-pin side plow last night. We don't have time to pull it today. Is there a secret trick that might get us through the weekend until we can replace it on Monday? The two things I think we have going for us is that the overlapping part of the seam is facing away from the direction of travel under the plow, and it's not on the ball door side.

    I was going to try some zip ties to hold it together and prevent further curling.

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    This repair survived the busy weekend including a tournament, only one zip tie was broken when we replaced the carpet on Monday morning.

    First I put a strip of gorilla tape down to protect the seam and prevent more snagging. The zip ties then went over the gorilla tape to hold it in place and keep the tear from widening. The ratchet end of the zip ties was placed on the outside of the carpet, opposite the direction of travel. Otherwise they would have caught on the rollers and bounce plate endlessly and not have survived more than a few minutes. There was enough clearance for them to pass under the plow without catching.


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      Back in the day I used shoe laces, drill holes and lace it up. Made it through a busy winter one time like that. Just had to replace the laces one in a while. Glad when I was able to order parts again.

      Either way you go make sure the plow is high enough to clear the repair!!!


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        Yep, back in the day we didn't have gorilla tape, and shoelaces lasted! First time I did that the manager yelled at me for wasting shoelaces, head mevh didn't know what to think, owner was pissed we lost a carpet. But that became the go to temp repair.....
        Manufacturers of idiot proof products often underestimate the ingenuity of idiots!


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          Good job that it held up....

          No ball damage?

          Ive seen guys use the shoelace method before.
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