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First ball trouble


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  • First ball trouble

    I have a problem where machine sometime won't switch back to first ball after second ball bowled

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    If you are sure it is the machine and not the chassis then I would suggest adjusting your cam switches.


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      If this is the same problem as your other thread you should pick one thread and stay with that so you don't get multiple threads on the same problem. That can get a little confusing in a hurry.

      In the mean time can you give a little more detail what is happening. Are you sure it's not staying in first ball? What does it do? Does it come down and pick up pins each time and respot them? On second ball it just sweeps what is left and sets new pins so I'm not sure what it would be doing? Is it sweeping pins and not setting new pins or is it not even sweeping old pins away?

      Per the other post I would swap chassis and see if the problem follows the chassis and post back with what happens.


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        For more info when it stays on second ball it will sweep off spare and set new rack and won't score of course being on sec ball will usually switch to first ball most of the time but not always yesterday first time I seen it switch two second ball after a strike and it spotted new rack. I changed classic this morning before jr league and it seem to be ok now what it the classic controls this ? One of the boards we have single board with expander board


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          What scoring are you using? The scoring should be independent of the machine function. You mentioned in your other post that you had a question about what controls the ball indicator light. After the first ball cycle, does the 1st ball light stay on or not. If it stays on first ball this could account for not scoring on 2nd ball depending on how your scoring handles scoring when a machine doesn't advance to 2nd ball. Also if the 2nd ball light doesn't come on at all and the first ball light goes out, then that could cause similar results but a different issue. So the status of the ball lights when this occurs could give some insight into what is going on.

          Irregardless of this, it appears changing the chassis resolved the issue. I would give it a few days of running time and make sure the chassis swap truly solved the problem. You might even want to put the old chassis on a known working lane and see if the problem continues with that chassis on a different lane. It could be you had a bad connection that resolved itself when a different chassis was installed. Putting the old chassis on a different lane will give you a better idea if it was truly the chassis and not some other issue. If the old chassis works on a different lane, the chassis is probably ok and the problem was elsewhere.

          If the problem shows up in the chassis again after the swap then swap out just the expander board and see if that resolves the issue. If not, then swap out the main board but put the good expander board in with it.

          Let us know how it goes.


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