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Power But No Cycle 82/70


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  • Power But No Cycle 82/70

    Hey all,

    I have a lane that gets power but does not cycle. It's neighboring lane that shares the same interface box and computer is cycling and acting perfectly normal. We can not get the lane to cycle from the from the front ZOT beam, the back end bumper, or the cycle button on the terminal, but we can get the motor and table to move with their associated relays in the chassis. This issue began after i pulled the motor and gearbox from another lane and installed it onto said lane.

    I have tried the following:
    -Disconnecting the 5&6 pins in the A&MC box
    -Swapping interface with another lane
    -Swapping ZOT board with another lane
    -Swapping the SS chassis with another lane

    I am running out of ideas and getting kind of desperate. Anyone have any ideas?
    Oregon State Tech

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    If you jump 1 & 2 in the AMC, does it cycle? Are you running the 5 board SS chassis or has it been converted to a single board? Which ZOT detector are you using and where does it tie in?

    Since you can't get it to cycle from any of the individual cycle points, I would suspect it's not likely to be any of these. Check your SA switch and make sure the normally open contacts are closed at 0 degrees. This is in series with all the other switches so in order for any of these switches to ground the cycle circuitry, SA has to have the normally open contacts closed at 0. Make sure it's adjusted properly and the sweep is returning all the way home.

    Good luck. Let us know how it goes. Post back if you need further help.


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      Sorry. Was also going to say to check your C2A pins 14 and 27. You can also check these with an ohm meter. At C2A-27, if SA normally open is closed you should have continuity to ground. At C2A-14, if you have continuity at 27 as checked above, then when you press the cycle button, you should get continuity to ground at 14. MAKE SURE THE MACHINE POWER IS OFF AND POWER CORD DISCONNECTED WHEN CHECKING CONTINUITY WITH AN OHM METER.


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        If you can’t run the sweep when you pull the SA lever…

        But you can run the sweep thru the sweep run switch…

        Then is sounds like a short in the managers control circuit.

        To determine if this is the problem (from the above tests), disconnect the thin grey wire on the T2 transformer. If it cycles you have two choices.
        1. Track down the short and repair
        2. Leave the wire disconnected and tape it off

        If you chose option 2. You will only lose shadow bowl (instructomat) and the mechanical frame counter at the desk. All other functions will work normally.


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          Yep. Check the wire from the front ball return control box to the AMC plug and I bet you fill find a break.


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