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    Have mp chassis that won't spot pins tried 2 working boards and still won't spot any help Thanks

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    What does the table do when the sweep runs through to second guard in a 2nd ball cycle?
    There! Try to NOT work now!


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      TA2 not adjusted properly. BS not being activated by pin. Spot solenoid/relay not working.


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        Firstly isolate the fault by swapping the MP chassis with a known working lane, if the fault moves with the chassis then that is where to look (table contactor or ice cube relay or associated wiring).. If the fault remains on the pinsetter then look at the solenoid and it's wiring.


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          Spotting relay varistator could be bad.


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            I did move it's in chassis for sure.It's my spare just trying to get to work. It goes threw all the right steps per say but when it's supposed to spot it won't. I haven't really tore into yet but will in the next week . Thanks


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              Ok, you say it won’t spot. But is the table waiting to spot… or is the table going down and coming back up with RSC’s closed?

              If the table is just waiting to spot, then it sounds like you have an input connection problem from the bin switch.

              If the table is going down when it should be spotting, but it isn’t energizing the spot solenoid, then the spot relay could be bad or its socket isn’t making good contact to the relay…Sometimes a jiggle on the spot relay helps determine a bad socket.


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                Exactly it's waiting to spot pins Throw 2nd ball or strike sweep comes down sweeps off then goes back and nothing table just sits up.


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                  Originally posted by Scooter View Post
                  Have mp chassis that won't spot pins tried 2 working boards and still won't spot any help Thanks
                  Change the M relays, There are three relays. switch the three relays that are working from another chississ to the one you are trying to solve/


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