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82-70 skipping respot portion of 1st cycle


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  • 82-70 skipping respot portion of 1st cycle

    Having an issue with and 82-70 with a single board chassis and amf accuscore system. Problem is after the first bowl is thrown the machine drops the sweep and switches to the 2nd ball, but instead of respoting the pins and sweeping the deck it just lift the sweep right back up and doesn't score. If you manually type in the first ball score the second ball works just fine. I assume the problem isn't with the score keeper and that's just a symptom of it not running through the entire first ball cycle process but I could be wrong. Has anyone ever dealt with an issue like this?

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    Does it give anything for the first ball score? Sounds like it's running a short stroke as though it's seeing a gutter.


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      No it doesn't post anything on the first ball for a score I don't believe it even looks


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        Check switch on front for sweep/scoring.


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          Sounds like it is seeing 2nd ball voltage all the time, if it detects 2nd ball voltage in the first half of the frame it will not score. Could be MP board


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            Sounds like the cams are out of adjustment. Sweep drops, but the machine jumps over to second ball, and doesn't re-spot pins. I would check the cam adjustments from your TA2 / SB etc...
            Could be a faulty switch on the way out, or just bad adjustment.

            Possibly TA2 is screwed too far in.

            Just to confirm, does the table hang the pins in the air, and the sweep return home?
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