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82-90xl table randomly not returning on spot


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  • 82-90xl table randomly not returning on spot

    Hi All,

    So I'm a first year tech trying to figure this out on my own. One of our lanes randomly stops as its setting pins. I'd say on one out of maybe 50frames the 9 pin triggers the set, the table drops and then stays in its lowest position with the sweep down and doesn't return unless I zero out the chassis and reverse the sweep and raise the table.
    The pins then stay in the cups and I have to ball step cycle the chassis to get them to set.
    I'm assuming this is a chassis issue but I honestly dont even know where to begin looking to figure it out. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    The pins stay in the cups??? How are you getting the table back home when it does that malfunction?
    There! Try to NOT work now!


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      First thing is to replace the chassis to determine if the issue is in the machine or chassis.
      If it cant be fixed with a hammer, use a bowling pin.


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        To Bill,

        Yes, the table stops just before the pins hit the deck, and there they remain. What I had been doing to return it home was putting the chassis into manual mode, reversing the sweep and then returning the table to almost home and ball step cycling the chassis. That would get them to set properly. Afterward Id sit on the lane for a while and watch...nothing. Id go do something else and it would happen again. Happened about 4 times last night, it had happened maybe once or twice before that.

        To Clutchplate,

        Will do tomorrow morning.

        Thanks for the help!


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          Sounds like you have an interlock issue. This happens when the table comes down when the sweep doesn't get far enough forward. It prevents the sweep and table from occupying the same space at the same time. Note the position of the sweep when this error does NOT occur. Mark it if you need to. Then note the position of the sweep when the error occurs. If it is further back than normal, you could be interlocking. Check your TB and SC cam switches.


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            Check the cam switch adjustments. We had a similar issue on one of our 90XL's, in our case the table would go all the way down to spot a fresh rack of pins, but every so often it would stay there while the sweep went home, leaving the table exposed. When it happened, we could still send the table home by pressing the TABLE button on the chassis however.

            Ultimately I discovered physical damage to the TA1 cam, and the dent in the cam corresponded exactly with the table being in the lowest spotting position. The TA1 switch was also out of spec, and when I adjusted it, I made the gap a little tighter than the feeler gauge. This had the effect of getting it to "ignore" the dent in the cam, since the switch would maintain contact. We haven't had the problem since.

            Here's the post where I described the problem...


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              Hi All,

              Thank you all for the input, it was extremely helpful. It was definitely an interlock issue, but also what had happened was the safety pins the prevent the bins from coming up off the two posts had somehow broken, there had been a pin jam which forced the bins up off of their posts and rested on the table. The bowlers then cycled the machine and everything collapsed in on itself, causing all kinds of chaos. We rebuilt the bins and had to replace or bang back into place all of the table hardware and tie rods. We also had to readjust all of the sweep cams. Seems to be running much better now. Thanks again for all of the input!


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