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Ball trigger reflective tape


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  • Ball trigger reflective tape

    Afternoon all,

    im soon going to be in the process of upgrading my lane guarding and isolating off each individual pair ( yes well behind the times) and will moving the ball trigers behind the down sweep so now once I’ve done that I’ll gain loads of real estate to put on stickers to increase the size of the ball trigger target. I saw some reflective tape that was 150mm wide and was wondering if it would work. So my question is has anyone used tape instead of the oem plastic reflector and did it work properly or not.



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    I have. It doesn't work at all. It simply does not reflect enough light for the sensor to see it. Save your money.
    There! Try to NOT work now!


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      I’m glad I asked first. Thanks Bill


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        I've used reflective tape in the past to bounce the IR beam back in severall different applications with no problem at all. However, it has to be high grade tape, like the stuff they use on emergency vehicles. I believe in Australia it's known as class 1 reflective tape.
        Hope that helps.


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          Any reason you don't want to use a nice big round reflector?
          If it cant be fixed with a hammer, use a bowling pin.


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            Just to make a bigger target for the detector.


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