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Possible ""Instructomat"" ??? Hmmm


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  • Possible ""Instructomat"" ??? Hmmm

    I posted something a while back re: an 8270 with MP chassis that all of a sudden just STOPPED cycling. As it sits now.....I'm unable to run sweep using SA.......Sweep Run Button on side of chassis........or the Sweep Run Switch on rear control box. I've tried disconnecting Mgr control at A&MC and also ruled out possibility the cushion switch was culprit. The ONLY power I can run to the Sweep motor is through the contactor in the chassis. Power circuits seem to be functioning ok for table, sweep, and BE but I'm STILL unable to cycle machine in ANY way. Any ideas ?????

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    Have you swapped the offending chassis to a different lane? That would be the first point of call. If you move the chassis and the issue persists then it’s a machine issue and a very good possibility of instructomat. Check your masking unit switch also



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      The switches you mentioned provide a ground to the sweep relay. Since none of these are working for you, I don't suspect any of them are the problem. I'm not sure what you mean by this statement: "The ONLY power I can run to the Sweep motor is through the contactor in the chassis" but I am going to assume that you have power to the contactor.

      I would start by checking for voltage at C2A-16Z. You should have 24 VAC to ground. If you have this voltage then we'll have to check the ground as explained below but I suspect you will find this voltage missing.

      If you don't get this voltage then check the same at C2A-11B. 16 is the power returning from the sweep switch in the back control box. 11 is the power to the sweep switch. If you get power at 11 but not 16 then the problem is in the sweep switch or associated wiring.

      If you don't get voltage at C2A-11 then check for voltage on both sides of CB3. Voltage missing on one side of this means the CB is bad. Voltage missing on both sides of the CB means your not getting voltage from the transformer T1 secondary. There could be several places to cause the T1 not to produce voltage including TB and SC both not closed (not likely both are bad) or the M relay not providing ground to the transformer. If that's the case post back and we can expand the exploration.

      To test your grounds to the sweep relay, you can shut off the sweep switch to isolate the relay. POWER DOWN the machine and unplug. Then check for continuity from the coil of the relay to ground using an ohm meter. You should get infinite ohms initially. Then press the sweep run switch. If you get 0 ohms (or low ohms depending on which side of the coil you are on) when the sweep run switch is activated then the ground to the sweep relay is good.

      If you get 24 VAC at C2A-16 from above and 0 ohms to ground when the sweep run switch is pressed as explained, then the problem is either a bad sweep relay or associated wiring or a bad contactor. If this is the case, post back and we can go from there.

      It would be a very long post to list all the tests at this time so start here and post back with what you find and we can go from there. These tests should only take a few minutes.


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