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Sweep Coasting


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  • Sweep Coasting

    I have a Westinghouse combo motor that is coasting... a lot. I checked the resistors in the wire channel and they're fine, I replaced the capacitors as the previous mechanic put ones in it that were too big, and I swapped the motor with another one and it got a little better but not a ton. Ideas?
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    Mechanical or solid state switch on the stator or contactor in the SS/MP chassis. Most times it's the contactor especially if they ore old. Larger capacitors are generally ok, but not smaller ones...


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      Solid state on the motor. Part 610-309-044
      Experience: We currently maintain 12 AMF 82-70's


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        So you swapped motors, gearbox as well? So is it a head, gearbox or machine problem?

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          We did not swap the gearbox. Haven't looked at the coasting issue in a while. Will probably change out the gearbox this weekend.
          Experience: We currently maintain 12 AMF 82-70's


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            I would hazard a guess to say your gearbox is slack and needs rebuilding hey.
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              The SS switches are notorious for causing motor coast.


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                Have you tried swapping the chassis to see if it's a switch board problem? Also ohm out the windings in the motor. For a Westinghouse you should read about 4.7 & 1.9 ohms.

                I had one set of windings measuring 4.7 & 4.8 ohms, and on a sweep it would coast a good 4-5 seconds past where it should stop.


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                  I've found that, most often, if you have a sweep coast issue its in the chassis sweep/table relay (Braking circuit). Sometimes it's the pegs on the C1 plug row 4 (top) and/or the associated start coil pegs in row 2. They get burnt out due to too much amperage.


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