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MCU Xli operation has timed out


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  • MCU Xli operation has timed out

    Has anyone experienced this problem - the MCU gets an Xli 1/2 the operation has timed out and Xli 3/4 the operation has timed out. I am able to control the remaining lanes. The MCU daisy chain starts at 1/2 and terminates at 39/40. I'm still able to control lanes 1 to 4 with the pinsetter control thru vector desk. Just not able to with the MCU program. I've turned off both chassis also rebooted the scoring computer for the first block and still getting time out. The connection is good and secure on the back of the chassis. Amf 82-70 with Xli upgrade.

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    Are you 100% sure the connection from the XLi chassis on 1/2 to the USB interface box at your PC is ok? For it to be timing out it’s not communicating? Is the USB interface plugged into the PC ok?
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      Is there a terminator plug on 39/40? I would swap chassis 1/2 with 5/6 to see if this is a problem with the chassis

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        Sorry for the delayed reply. The company I work for has several centers and I work at 3 of them. Finally back at the center with the MCU problem. As I was just getting ready to remove and swap chassis 1/2 with 5/6, I decided to check the odd lane setting on 1/2 and found that it was set to 3. The lcd display is bad, has horizontal lines going through it and it is difficult to see what it says. Anyway set it back to 1 and now the MCU no longer times out. Don't know how it got changed, unless one of the other mechanics was playing around wih the settings. Should've checked.that, but didn't think that someone would have changed it (no reason to). Thanks for the replies.


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