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Pit Light staying on - 82-90XL


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  • Pit Light staying on - 82-90XL

    We've got 82-90XLs with the small 115V silver chassis and ZOT Colorsplash lighting. We have a couple lanes where the pit lights will stay on after the lanes are closed. The delay can range from a few seconds to a minute or two to over a half hour. Sometimes the only way to kill the pit light is to toggle the breaker on the chassis. The problem exists on old chassis and also on factory reconditioned chassis from Qubica.

    Our pit lights are connected according to the attached diagram. The ZOT power supplies on the curtain wall are isolated from the chassis' pit light power with a relay. I am told this relay was added because when the ZOT Colorsplash fixtures were first installed, the power supplies were burning out constantly.

    I determined that when the lanes are off, there is still voltage coming through the pit light circuit on the chassis. It might be a pulse - we plugged a desk lamp into the pit light circuit that has an LED bulb and it flashed with a ~1 hz pulse. Some lanes it reads about 95v on the multimeter, other lanes it reads 120v. Even out of the same chassis the odd lane might have a 120v leak and the even lane has the 95v. The 95v leak seems to be the one that causes the relay to stay energized for some reason. Pull the power to the relay and it will release and the pit light will go out.

    I tried swapping relays to see if that might be the problem but it didn't help.

    Any ideas on what we might change in the circuit to mitigate the problem? We could remove the relay from the equation but then we risk burning up the ZOT power supplies as before.

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