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Cleaning pin elevators!


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  • Cleaning pin elevators!

    I'm really wanting to clean up my pin elevators on my 90xl's... They haven't really had some TLC in a long time. I'm curious, how do you all clean up your elevators??? Right now the majority are a nice mix of brown and dull silver.. The pin cleats have crud all built up around them.... Would I be looking to make them shiny again by getting my scrub on? I can imagine the pins would seat better in the pockets if there wasn't stuff all over the place built up. Wouldn't a shiny clean wheel cause the pins to slide out early?

    I was thinking about some scuff pads and a good cleaner/degreaser? And just scrubbing the crap out of them... I don't know if I would scratch them up and if that would affect anything??

    Thanks all in advance for the advice!!

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    I just use a small amount of lane cleaner that I have left over from filling the lane machine and use a green scourer on the pin wheels. Some will clean up perfectly some don’t. As long as they are clean you’ll get the desired result



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      Thanks for your input friend! Just real curious what other people do. I took some alcohol and a scour pad to my elevator on 49. Waffle belt got damaged so it "tarred" up everything so i got a nice result on that elevator. Some of the brown came off.. Cleats cleaned up nice. Went and installed a tan supergrip belt from A1 to test. So far... Digging the performance of that belt. Only been about half a day but I like how it pulls the pins away from the pan yet still giving good resistance if i try and push a pin back from the indexing forks.


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        When they are covered in a thick old built layer of crud and rust, in the past what I've done is give em a spray with something like Simple Green and put a wire brush on a hand drill and keep going over the pinwheel with that rotary wire brush. That also works fantastic on O pans as well.
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