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Guide rail "wear" pattern?


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  • Guide rail "wear" pattern?

    Curious question.

    I have noticed some of my guide rails have a different "wear" pattern to them... Some are worn (oxide coating) more up the middle of the guide rail from use and some are worn more towards the edge of the rail (edge closest the bin). Is there a certain distance the guide rails should be away from the pin elevator? Would I be looking for more of an "up the center" travel or more along the front edge or more towards the back of the rail (closest to the elevator) so the tip of the kidney plays more of a role in how the pins orient themselves coming off?

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    I wouldn’t worry to much about that. If they are they are running smoothly just clean them and leave them. They can be a diabolical evil SOB if they want to be. Set and forget



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      Yeah I wish i could just set and forget lol! The old HM had sthals orientation rods on all 60 when i first got here. None of the kidneys were ever touched because of those brackets. No one really knew then how to do a guide rail because they never needed to. All night we would spend adjusting those rods for good orientation.... But... Fast forward and we are bracket free and running a higher frames per stop than before. Just really want to get these things dialed in so when our "maintenance season" rolls around I can be doing other projects instead of tinkering to run better.


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        Pin guide rails are a constant tinkering until the sweet spot is found. 90 backends are not the greatest. You can replace the 2 bumpers that hold them on to get a better hold that is closer to the pinwheel. I’ve put the pin seat rod mod on a few of my lanes and that has helped some problem lanes but you can only play the hand your dealt so unfortunately it will just be watching a d adjusting until they are happy


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          I tend to set mine all the back and sitting about 1/2" to 3/4" above the O pan, I've found that get the best most consistent orientation, don't try to push yourself worrying about making orientation exactly the same every time as it never will be 98 pins of 100 will feed great an 2 will be crappola. Don't stress too much about those 2 pins that are crappola. You want the best consistent orientation not 100% perfect as that'll never happen. Also when working on lanes treat every lane individually, By all means have a given starting point but what works on lane 1 may be a disaster on lane 3. I have the Stahls jam stoppers on all my Dizzy's on both sides of the dizzy and they work a treat. I also fitted Stahls head levellers to all lanes as well as a true plumb dizzy is very important...
          AS REQUESTED....The all new and VERY improved "super cool" Pin_Head with super hip shades.....


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