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Got a good one for you AMF guys.


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  • Got a good one for you AMF guys.

    Okay, here it goes:

    AMF 82-70MP chassis
    AMF earlier Accuscore- big gold box on back wall
    Accuscore LIU up front under counter.

    Okay, so what happens is: when lane 11 is spotting, lane 12 will not cycle. 12 does cycle when lane 11 table and sweep go back to zero.
    They have also told me sometimes lane 9 affects 12. Crazy!!! What I did notice with 12 was if you cycle it with lane 11 stopped at mid spot, and you
    unhook the power on wires down back [coming from scoring], the sweep takes off, runs through 1st guard and spots [sweep up]. almost like going
    from instuctomat to bowl. Some one messed with the lane 12 on-off switch on the frame counter. Have not got to the switch issue yet. Still do not
    understand why 11 is affecting 12! {I do not see any diodes in the frameter box! Anyone with any ideas? Thanks in advance!!!!!


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    Could something be earthing somewhere?? That’s a head scratcher


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      Dont forget to troubleshoot by switching! switch the chassis from one lane to the other and see if the problem travels too....maybe switch the issue one with a lane that has no issues?


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        They have already swapped chassis. I am pretty much resigned to fact that the problem is up front. Again, the no cycle on 12 goes away when
        you unhook the on off wires from up front on terminals 5/6 in the AMC box. Also, lane 12 frameter switch is broken, and someone has jumped 3 wires
        together, and put them on the center terminal [both sides] of the DPDT switch that is there. There are no other wires on that switch. I will not be back
        there until late next week, and I will replace that bad switch, and go from there. Thanks for everyones help!


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          Hi it could be a lane a board in your blue liu box, each board does 8 lanes so possible your 2nd lane a board had a fault, try swoping lane a board and see if moves to another bank of lanes would be the 4th lane in any of the 8 you decide to move it to.


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            techie300, thanks for your advice. I am a Qubica guy. Can't say I know a whole lot about Accuscore!!!!! Hey, does anyone know
            where to get what I think is the RPO board, mounted in the back end control box? Mechanic says AMF does not sell them anymore.


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              Sure we do...
              RPO 8230 POWER CONTROL

              Billy T
              [email protected]


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