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    Is there a reason the flat works better than a regular locknut?
    Sometimes we have to do stuff to get by....Just go back and do it right when the "by" has passed!!

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    I noticed in your photo that the flat tinnerman nut is upside down. The four corners are bent slightly and are meant to bite down into the link metal when tightened.

    Based on my experience yesterday, there may not be enough room to get a socket onto a locknut when using the newer angle-style table links because the holes are drilled too close to the vertical face of the angle, and not much room/visibility when trying to get a wrench into the old wireway-style links when working on them in the machine. We replaced two links on a table yesterday that we were already working on due to a cracked yoke, I replaced the collection of various types of nuts that were on the old links with the tinnerman nuts when building up the new ones. Locknuts might be more secure in the long run but I haven't noticed any problems with the tinnerman nuts loosening up in the year I've been at this so far. They seem to make the job easier.

    I would prefer to do them all consistently the same so that I know exactly what tools I will need next time.


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      The flat one(tinnerman?) is not tight it was basically just set there for the picture. All these will be the same just trying to see if there are points to the negative or positive of either.
      Sometimes we have to do stuff to get by....Just go back and do it right when the "by" has passed!!


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        Remove the spacer from the stud ball and replace with a 1/4 -20 stover. Run the 1/4-20 all the way down onto the stud ball. Then install the stud ball into the wire way link with another 1-4-20. Like In the above pic.

        Nice and secure. No more wobble of the stud ball


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          I much prefer regular nuts not a huge fan of those tinnerman nuts, nylock nuts don’t wear like the flat ones tend to do
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            Locking fasteners will be able to hold more tightening torque, as well as stay tighter for longer. However, tinnerman and similar fasteners don't require a wrench to hold the nut until it becomes tight enough to hold itself in place, they just clip into place and stay there no tools required. So a locking nut is stronger, but a tinnerman requires less effort. Pick your poison.


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              I had steel tables so I only had nuts


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