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MP Chassis Problem


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  • MP Chassis Problem

    When cycling machine.......Sweep will drop to guard.....then table continues to go up and down and up and down and sweep WON'T move! Table and Sweep Contactors BOTH replaced........11 Pin Socket Relays Replaced.......ALL wiring checked and GOOD. ALL C1 and C2A pins and wires on chassis GOOD. Also cut out the diodes underneath MP Board plug-in terminal.... as previously suggested at one time before......and STILL having SAME problem. ANY ideas ????? Thanks !

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    Spent a LOT more time with basically a fine tooth comb and FINALLY found the problem. There was a C2A pin that was partially crimped in middle of pin and I apparently overlooked this one not noticing when machine side harness was plugged in the connection wasn’t good and chassis side pin was being pushed out. Chassis tested and working GREAT !!


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      Was this pin by chance C2A-112 or C2A-211? A loss of the TA2 cam switch or break in the circuit will cause the sweep not to cycle and the table to keep going up and down like you explained.


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        Could have been exMech but I didn't look to see which "numbered" pin it was but looking from outside if i remember correctly it was the 2nd row up from bottom and the 2nd or 3rd pin from left. Once i went back to it with a MALE pin and tested EACH Female chassis pin i found that THAT particular pin would not accept but about a smidge of the the pin when i inserted it and when pushed on with any amount of force it would dislodge the pin from the block. Got the chassis running now and going forward all i have to do is find out WHY i'm not getting 1st ball light. LOL


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