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Found a new use for old common table wireway channels.


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  • Found a new use for old common table wireway channels.

    I had a severe table jam today on a lane that bent the aluminum 9 Pin Cell Link so bad it was unusable and unrepairable.

    Problem was I had no spare table links I could go to. But then I realized that I had several common wireway links that I'd removed (I have 90XLs with aluminum tables) because I wasn't running table cables in my machines and they did nothing but cause trouble after they would get jammed into the bellcranks. They're made from the same extruded material as the cell link, So I lined one up against the old link and redrilled a set of holes for the ball studs and pivot pins, trimmed off about 3 inches to match the length.

    Works just fine.

    Can use the same for the 10 Pin Cell Link if the need ever arises but the common link isn't long enough for the other two.

    I have considered making my own cell links out of 1" corner angle stock, and now might just try it. I have some tables with corner angle stock links already, but not sure if there's a part number associated with them, unless they were third party pieces or came out of Japan (where these machine originated from.)

    -- Larry

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    Our 90XLs came from Japan too. We have a mix of the old wireway style and the newer angle stock links. We bought a couple lengths of the angle stock recently in anticipation of making our own once our stock of factory links is gone.


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