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Machine not cycling via ball sensor


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  • Machine not cycling via ball sensor

    Hi, got 82/70s, boss scoring with mp chassis. The issue I'm having is that lane 6 won't cycle via ball sensor. It will cycle as normal on the button on the rear of machine and on the mp chassis but not when a ball is bowled. Ball sensor is lined up correctly and flashing away, tries a different cable to ball sensor and different mp chassis but made no difference, checked settings on reception desk and is set to regular game, not "no pins" any ideas?

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    Make sure that the front sensor is shining on the front half of the reflector, and the rear sensor is shining on the rear half of the reflector. If both the front and rear sensors are shining on the same spot on the reflector, it will not cycle the machine because one sensor is seeing the light from the other sensor. Each sensor must see only the light from itself, not the other sensor.
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      Sussed it, changed ball trigger, new cable, mp chassis again, cpu but made no difference, checked connections in gold control box for ball trigger, was a loose connection. Tightened up and all sorted.


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