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MP chassi problem


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  • MP chassi problem

    I've got an MP chassi that I cant get power to the machine. I've got power going to the sweep, table and B/E contractors. All the circuit breakers are good. The sockets are good as well. I'm not getting 120v either of the T2 or T3. I've also gone threw the whole chassi looking for any broke or loose wire connections, and everything looks good.

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    Masking unit switch circuit perhaps?
    There! Try to NOT work now!


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      T2 is where the managers control circuit gets it's power so if you don't have power at T2 then nothing will come on. So the first thing to check would be CB2. If resetting the breaker (CB2) doesn't work then measure voltage from ground to each side of the breaker. You should get 120 VAC on both sides of the breaker if it is good.

      If you get power to both sides of the breaker but the machine still doesn't come on then measure the voltage directly at the high side of T2. If you don't get 120 VAC across these terminals then you aren't getting power to the transformer or you lost the neutral. Check both sides of the transformer high side to ground and if you get voltage then you lost the neutral. If you don't get power to ground then you have a bad wire between CB2 and the transformer.

      If you get 120 VAC at the T2 input then test for 24 VAC at the transformers output. If you don't get 24 VAC at T2 output then the transformer is bad.

      If you get 24 VAC at the transformers output then check for 24 VAC at the AMC TBA/B-5 and TBA/B-6. If you don't get 24 VAC here then the problem is on the machine side. If you do get voltage here the jump 5 to 6 and see if the machine comes on. If it does then the problem is in the front end or the wiring to there. If not post back and we can run through the next steps to find the problem on the machine end.

      Good luck.


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