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82/90XL Chassis


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  • 82/90XL Chassis

    Hello All,

    I am working on a two lane residential "center", stand alone. The pinspotters are 82/90XL silver chassis, with Steltronic automatic scoring. The place took a pretty good power surge/lightening strike a little over 10 months ago. Nothing much worked afterward.
    To date, here what has been done to bring it back up and running:

    Chassis repaired by Jon Servert and I was able to obtain a known working chassis from another center.
    The Lane Computer was replaced with a new one from Steltronic
    The API unit was replaced with a new one from Steltronic
    Both scoring monitors in the "bowlers area" were replaced with new, and we went to HDMI cable instead of Cat5

    Doing the above has gotten things just about up and running. The only issue we have left is trying to figure out why I am getting "misses" recorded for the second ball of a frame. The scoring will work properly if a gutter is thrown, but if any pincount is recorded in the first ball, a miss is recorded for the second ball. This occurs on both lanes. Steltronics has sent all cabling and a refurbished camera to install to see if this fixes the problem.

    My question is in regards to the chassis. Is it possible that the settings in the chassis could be causing this? I have gotten the procedure on how to change settings without a MPU unit. I have tried this, however it does not seem to be working. I press "right" or "left" lane, then press and hold the "SPEC" button until all the LED's light. Once lit, I'm suppose to press the "SPEC" button again, then the code number I wish to input. Problem is, when I press the "SPEC" button for the second time (after the LED's are lit), the LED's go out except for the ones that should be on for normal operation.

    At this point, I'm open to anybody with any suggestions. I'm an 82/70's guy, with AuuruScore Plus experience. I'm not totally ignorant, but this has gotten my goat.

    Leyton at Tahoe

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    If it's happening exactly the same on both lanes then it's most likely a scoring system issue, not related to the chassis on either machine.


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      I’m no expert but this screams it’s in the scoring. Have had this problem with Vector and 82-70’s.
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