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Swinging dizzy


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  • Swinging dizzy

    I have one lane that always swings going to the 2. I have replaced the springs for the safety link, the safety link assy, clutch and even the complete distributor with the one next to it that did not swing at all. It still swings.
    What am i looking for? The mount post is tight. Could it not be straight? Maybe machine backend not level? Or something simple I'm missing.
    The distributor is level and centered.
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    Have you checked if the distributor support post is loose inside the channel support
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      The shaft going though the distributor and clutch is bent a little. When idling, is Cam index wheel moving back and forth caused by the pinion closer and further away? Also is the output shaft the the gearbox straight too?

      Someone makes a Safety link spring support that doesn't bend and comes with a slightly stiffer spring. If you exhaust everything else that people suggest.


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        Check the drive housing for wear aswell
        A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.
        - Albert Einstein


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          Swap your drive shaft with another lane and check your dizzy rollers also


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            The only thing I know that causes the sway at the two pin position is the Distributor Drive Shaft bottoming out in the drive housing, which is caused by the distributor NOT being level. If you remove the two springs from the back of the distributor, the distributor should remain at the head pin position. If it does not, if it moves toward the back-end motor side, then the distributor is not level- in which case you would need to loosen the distributor support bolts and reposition the support so the distributor remains at the head pin position, then tighten the bolts again. By doing so, the drive shaft will also come away from the bottom of the housing enough so it doesn't bottom out any longer. But wait, there's more! You can double the offer! (Just pay a separate fee). The distributor spring posts could be loose so check those as well.
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