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Solid State Chassis in a 82/70 machine that uses MP chassis


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  • Solid State Chassis in a 82/70 machine that uses MP chassis

    I have a SS chassis with only an Omega Tek board no expander, can this chassis be made to work
    in an 82/70 that is wired for MP chassis.

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    I think it’s a bigger job than just putting Elco plugs on the wiring harness. Anything is possible if you want to do (time and money). Why are you wanting to change over?


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      Way too many parts to change to get it to work. Better to find a chassis to use the boards in.


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        Parts? What parts? Jump the mask switch terminals on the Elco plug, plug in C1 and C2a cables and fire it up. Why wouldn't it work? Folks are saying it won't work without giving any reason why. It'll cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time to find out. I say go for it. If you think about it, the MP was designed to replace the SS Chassis. They both do the exact same thing. They just use different electronics.
        There! Try to NOT work now!


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          The only difference going the other way (SS to MP) is a couple additional wires in channel for auto sweep reverse.
          SS chassis should run as long as mask wires are connected to switch or each other.


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            I actually have an SS chassis that was originally set up with C23 mask and scoring plugs. It will take the place of an MP chassis.


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